Natel offers Internet service over our fiber optic network in Fairfield and Vedic City, Iowa. We have service to many buildings throughout town and can provide custom quotes for new installations based on location. In the Spring of 2016 we expanded our fiber network into Centerville, Iowa. Our current Centerville offerings are location based and will require a custom quote. Call today for more information.


How it works:

Natel has over 60 miles of municipal fiber optic network in operation throughout Fairfield and Vedic City as well as in Centerville and Mount Pleasant. Our fiber offering is state of the art, up to 1 gigabit speeds and is targeted toward businesses and high-performance residential needs.

We install fiber optic cables for service delivery from our nearest network node to your facility in order to create a link back to our network operation center. From there we provision and monitor the connection for the fastest and most reliable Internet service available anywhere.



Professional installation includes a fiber run to your location as well as equipment and labor necessary to deliver Internet service via Ethernet cable to one location in your home or business. Wiring of additional locations or multiple computers will incur additional charges.

Please note that we offer service to a wide variety of residential and commercial multi-tenant buildings throughout Fairfield. If we have service in the building your installation costs could be very minimal. Call our office to inquire about your location.

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