Our Mission

To effortlessly and reliably connect people to a world of possibilities.

About Us:

The company was started by a group of community minded Entrepreneurs with a desire to bring high-end Internet services to Fairfield. We were the first fiber optic based Internet provider in Fairfield and now also offer wireless broadband and telephony services. Natel has made it possible for small-town businesses and rural homes alike to enjoy cutting edge services with the unparalleled reliability of a tightly-knit community run company.


Today our service area covers Jefferson County and into Appanoose, Blackhawk, Henry, Keokuk, Van Buren, Washington and Wapello counties. We also manage community wide networks in surrounding cities such as Mt. Pleasant, Vedic City, and Centerville. We serve hundreds of residents, businesses, and community organizations over our fiber and wireless networks and donate or provided discounted services to many community and non-profit organizations such as Fairfield Little League, Fairfield Public Library, Lockridge City Hall, Brighton City Hall, and free WiFi service to the Jefferson County Courthouse.

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