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Hosted PBX

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Although phone service is not necessary to set up a Natel Internet connection, we offer a phone solution for those who like the added security of a home connection. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is phone service that operates over an Internet connection. It has all the features you have become accustomed to with your traditional landline such as: Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-way calling, Voicemail and etc. If you have a fast reliable Internet connection, like Natel Fiber, you can add a VoIP line at any time.
Looking to upgrade your business phone service? Natel Hosted PBX is an impressive service built as a plug and play solution for businesses large and small. It can be designed for any sized office – built to scale up with you as your needs grow. We’ve made it incredibly simple to add new phones or expand to multiple offices that sync up with your single PBX system. Our experienced staff is here to help you design, configure and implement a system tailored to your needs and budget.