Monthly Billing Period:
Our default billing cycle is 1st to 1st. Accounts are billed in advance for the next billing cycle. This bill represents the amount due for the following month. Your payment is due on the 1st of that following month. We will allow a 5-day grace period. No payment after the grace period will result in immediate shut off.

Monthly Billing Method:
Paper billing is our standard method for general accounts. Invoices are mailed out via third party around mid-month and a monthly fee of $1 is assessed. Should you prefer emailed invoices, please notify our billing department to remove the monthly fee.

Sales Tax:
Natel Internet Service is tax exempt as we own and operate our network. We are, however, obligated to charge sales tax on equipment purchases such as: Wireless Routers and Ethernet Switches.

Prepaying on accounts:
Natel offers 2 types of incentives for those who wish to pay in advance.

Option 1) One Free month with the payment of a full year of service (12 months).
Option 2) Increase to the next speed with the payment of a full year (12 months).

Payment Methods:
Natel Accepts the following payment methods:

*Personal Check
*Business Check
*Money Orders
*Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

Natel offers 2 automatic payment options:

ACH – This is an automatic withdrawal straight from your bank account on the 1st business day of each month. (Download ACH Form)

ACCB – Automatic Credit Card Billing. Using your credit/debit card you can choose the day of the month that works best with your financial situation. (Download ACCB Form)

Referral Bonus:
Natel offers a $50 credit for all new referrals. Upon the full payment of the new referral’s installation, you will receive the $50 towards your account.