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Natel Technical Support

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Available during regular business hours.

If you find that you have lost Internet connection, do not be alarmed. Here you can learn about your Natel Internet Service as well as common issues and solutions.

Our Technical Support Team is available during regular business hours to help with any Internet connection issues. We also have technicians On Call in the evenings and over the weekend for urgent issues such as a critical network outage. All non-urgent issues will be addressed the following business day.


Many times, your Natel Internet connection will self heal. Waiting just a few minutes will allow the network to self-diagnose and fix itself. If your service is down for more than 5-10 minutes, you can simply reboot/power cycle your equipment. The videos below will walk you through troubleshooting your Internet connection issue.

Troubleshooting at a glance

The diagram above shows a standard wireless installation. A fiber installation would look very similar with one ingress point where Natel equipment would be installed. This location is commonly in a basement, utility closet or other central demarcation area.

If you have already power-cycled your router and determined it is not the the issue, you will want to go to this area. We suggest looking for green lights on either your POE (wireless) or Media Converter (fiber). If you notice an amber light or any blinking lights, please proceed with power-cycling the equipment.

If service does not resume 5-10 minutes after power-cycling, please proceed to calling Natel Technical Support: 641.469.6220 Option 2


If the information we have provided does not resolve the issue, please contact us anytime. For answers to commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQ.